Current Exhibits

When George Came to Cranbury: June 26, 1778

The next exhibit, When George Came to Cranbury: June 26,1778, opened at the Cranbury Museum on Sunday, March 11. This exhibit features items representative of the period when George Washington and his troops marched into Cranbury on their way to the Battle of Monmouth. Copies of Washington's correspondence from Cranbury along with pictures and ephemera depicting Colonial Cranberry Town are included.

The museum welcomes you to experience the recreated dining room of Dr. Hezekiah and Mary Stites, who hosted Washington, Hamilton and Lafayette at their home on South Main Street (Lawrie's Road.) The Cranbury Museum is open Sundays, 1-4 PM and the exhibit will continue through September.

The Cranbury Historical & Preservation Society appreciates the loan of items from the John Kean Collection at Liberty Hall Museum, the Cranbury Inn, Virginia Swanagan, Roi Taylor, Karen Kelley and Art Ryba.

Cranbury Museum
4 Park Place East
Cranbury, N.J.
Open Sundays, 1-4 PM